How to Start the Office Removal Process

Relocating an office is very much different than relocating your home.  It is important to start planning your move as early as 12 weeks from the actual date. This will give you ample time to prepare all the employees for the move. When a business is not operational, it loses money. It is very important to minimize disturbance to the equipment, as well as the employees during the relocation period.

A removal which is not planned well can have a rapid effect on the business. Efficiency will be reduced and down time might even be longer than expected.

First steps to relocation

Gather information about the different office removal companies in your location. Get their phone numbers, email address, as well as website. Aside from doing your research online, you can also ask your friends and relatives if they have any firm or company which they can recommend.

Most offices would opt to be moved on the weekend when there is now work to be disturbed and there is enough time to arrange everything together before the work week starts. Visit the new office and take note of getting measurements for items with large dimensions. You want to ensure that the equipment will be able to fit round the corners and through doors.

Be ready with a floor plan for the layout of all the equipment and the desks. Large items such as cabinets, printers, chairs and other things need contiguous space which will allow other items such as chairs to move and drawers to open. Show your floor plan to other employees for approval, as well as reorganization.

Before relocation

Once the floor plan has been finalized, you can send a copy to all the staff so that they can have a clear picture of how the new office will look. You can also give the office removal company a copy of the new layout.  Pieces which are to be moved must be marked up for easy identification, especially if they are going to go into identical boxes.

You can get different colored markers for labeling and identification purposes or you can also go with different coloured sticky notes so that it easy to identify which boxes go to which floor. If the staff need to pack their own files, they must be responsible enough to do so but a gentle reminder every now and then does not hurt.

On the day of the relocation

During office removals, it is a must to be mindful of the health and safety of the employees of the office removal company. Do not allow the office staff to lift heavy items and ensure that the electrical wiring is organized.  Extra care should be taken when handling sensitive or confidential documents. Sensitive or obsolete date must be promptly shredded. You might also need to hire a special contractor to do this for your specifically.

If you have car parking arrangements, you should let the staff sure. Permits, as well as parking arrangements must be allocated properly to all.